Book review. Make_Shift City. Renegotiating the urban commons

Francesca Ferguson has compiled a great collection of stories, essays and interviews in this new book, Make_Shift City, which represents the latest addition to a growing literature on the new conditions of urban development. This implies a mix of uncertainty, austerity, insecurity and temporality as the landscape for re-imagining the city. These conditions are present, to greater or lesser extent, in Western cities as newcomers after the financial crisis and its subsequent impact on urban development. As institutions try to understand how to face these new conditions, a wide experience of practices and appropriation projects, developed sometimes as outsiders in the previous economic stage, appear as an adequate response to give social value to neglected plots and facilities.



Shapes of things, Tony Bonanno

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Seth Meyers is on the Fresh Air today! We’ll talk about his transition from SNL to Late Night, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and other fun things. 

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Lady Tee
A proper lady is classy, yet bold, and
will speak her mind. Go get one!
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Cities in the near future will rely more and more on engaging and selling their communities’ opportunities upon the global market place. Investors and entrepreneurs will become more globally fixated and people will gradually gravitate to communities that provide confidence for their various investments.

— Ralph Tharp on the future of urban branding. (via thisbigcity)


Just Mountain Coffee.

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So around November a friend gave me a deer carcass for a project I’m in the process of cultivating. I left it hang in a tree over winter to dry out. Today, I went to take it down…but to my surprise, I found new life forming in the heart of death. 

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Phones are great, but phones aren’t cameras. They’re little point-and-shoots. Every now and then, take out the proper one, the camera with lineage. Bring it along and remember your friends and your neighbourhood exactly as it is, right now—in the way that only a proper camera can.

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On the philosophical concept of ‘intentionality’


Intentionality involves some rather surprising powers. Notice, for example, that I am able instantaneously to direct my thoughts to objects that are enormous distances away, such as distant stars and galaxies. These objects are so far away it would take light years to reach them, yet when I think about them, my thoughts reach them instantly. Thought, it seems, can travel faster than light. But how is that possible?

Stephen Law on Edmund Husserl in his book ‘The Great Philosophers’ 

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